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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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right now at noon, you heard it's going to be a record warm christmas eve, but did you know we could do it all over again this weekend. manhunt under way for this bank robber. why u.s. marshals say he's particularly dangerous. a big change for airport travellers. passengers may not be able to get out of those body scanners any more. and a boost this holiday season. wbz news at noon starts right now: right now at noon we begin with breaking news.
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rescued from the water underneath the broadway bridge. boston police tell us two men were intoxicated and fell into the water and had to be rescued. they're being treated by ems, this is an area where homeless people sometimes hang out. we don't know if the men rescued were, in fact, homeless. our partner carl stevens saw a police officer being taken away on a stretcher. we're working to find out more on what happened to him. turning our attention to the weather now. it will be a holiday to weather. you like your christmas cheer with a slight of spring. >> it's going to be cooler temperatures for christmas day. >> it's not like we're going to break records in new england. we're breaking records from texas to maine to michigan, impressive warmth in the eastern third of the nation. it's mild today as well.
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50 degrees in the city of boston, it's close to 60 in taunton. we're cooler, we're running into the 40s, nashua back to keene, the thick fog has listed. patchy fog in western new england and the showers are as well. we'll get into some of these in the course of late average let's take you hour by hour then through the remainder of the afternoon and 4pm, an isolated shower cannot be ruled out. this is showing up in the passion new hampshire border. it's generally light for the most part, through the evening drive, upper 40s north and west of town, we should stay relatively dry until we get towards the late evening hours, steady rain and look at the deep yellows and oranges coming in tomorrow morning. 6:00 a.m. in boston. any leftover showers coming to an end. we'll break the record by 8 a.m., 62 degrees as more and more sunshine breaks out during
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we're coming into the mid- to afternoon hours. we'll take you out through christmas, we'll talk about when we will hit those temperatures this weekend. a developing story, us marshal services are putting suspect. details. what can you tell us. this guy is dangerous, appearing as a woman and almost always flashing his gun. authorities say he won't stop until he's off the street. investigators have been tracking him since december 1st. a robbery in charlestown new hampshire is where it began. and he walked into a bank with his face clearly scene. within seconds his intentions were clear, with a handgun and a demand for cash. on the 14th december, a
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people's united bank in brattleboro vermont. he was dressed as a woman claiming he had a bomb but his push for cash was the same. days later in vermont, a heavier coat, a fresh face and again a handgun. authorities in three different states for a man identified asthma through martin known to police and he's considered armed and dangerous. mind. dangerous. hurt. the quicker we get him off the street, the better off we'll be. >> officials are willing to pay for information directly leading to his arrest. >> they'll pay an award upwards of $5,000. again if you see martin, authorities say he is armed and dangerous, not to approach him, immediately. chris?
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a weymouth woman will be charged for leading police on a chase through three teens. cheryl anne kelly hit a man with a bottle at a gas station. police chased her up through 3a in weymouth and quincy and she rammed a cruiser positioned to block her in, but they were able to stop her. a community is trying to rally around a family that lost everything days before christmas. last night a fire destroyed the home of the pelletier family in new hampshire. no one was hurt but everything was burned. the milton public safety association is accepting donations of clothes, toys and funding for this family. they've taken in self00 dollars. if you would like to help this family, we have a link posted on our website,
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through the airports, they may see a big change in tsa security. they create an image from the body cameras, the government is choosing to prioritize security over privacy. >> they've learned late last night the transportation security information quietly changed body scanner protocols at airports. they wrote that the officials were updating the ability to opt out of advanced imagery technology screening in favor of physical screening, that clears the way for tsa to direct mandatory body screening the technology has evolved.
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searches in favor of an image of that of a general earthquake, figure which officials believe it lessens privacy concerns. the microscope. uncovered major gaps. they discovered 95% of the time they were able to discover mock explosives through checkpoints and in some cases going through tsa pat downs. it led to a security overall, jeh johnson talked about again just last week. >> in july, i gave the new administrator a tsa a ten-point plan for improving aviation security and airport screening domestically. that plan has been and is being implemented on schedule. >> you might wonder why they are making this move. scanners can pick up explosives
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is the kind of bomb that on to planes. a woman charged with running down people in the las vegas strip made her first court appearance. it was a quick one, they expect more charges to be filed. she's charged with murder, hit and run and child abuse. her three-year-old daughter was in the back seat of the car when they say she drove into a crowd of people. one person was killed and 35 others were hurt. happening today black lives matter demonstrators are of america. they chose that mall because of black man in minneapolis. the owner of the mall went to a court asking a judge to block the protestors but the judge said she could not do that. governor baker's administration may have to start the new year with budget cuts. the massachusetts taxpayers
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state will face a budget gap of $1 billion. the fact that previous budgets were created using one time only savings maneuvers. we're still about a day or so away from santa packing up his sleigh and starting his long flight to deliver toys all around the world. >> he paid a special visit to kids in chelsea. ho-ho-ho, merry christmas everybody. merry christmas. >> reporter: santa is pretty busy these days, but he visited the chelsea police station last night. he brought christmas to 100 kids and their families. >> how are you? >> i'm good. i wanted to open up a present so bad and i was glad to meet santa because i never saw him before. >> have a wonderful day. >> say cheese. >> it was exciting to see santa because i always wanted to see santa.
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>> merry christmas. >> at that's joint effort by chelsea police and the salvation army, just the thing ends meet? >> it means a lot to me, happy. we work hard and there's not enough money to buy gifts. >> merry christmas. >> an event like this means so much for their kids and families, it's a two-way street, the people behind this effort get a gift, a dose of the christmas spirit. >> to see their face light up and a smile, there's nothing we can do better, there's nothing that can happen, it makes us feel good. it's the greatest joy we can experience, especially this time of year. >> merrily christmas. >> jim smith, wbz news. >> what a great event. good time had by all. you can call this the ultimate christmas gift. >> the power ball is up
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and we have questions that are answered about christmas. don't forget about our prediction of our snowfall contest. the closest guest can win you passage to wachussett this season. you can put your guess on our website
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. oh, it would be hard to top this for a christmas gift. tonight's power ball jackpot is up to $22 million. it's the third biggest prize of the year so far. the patriots are hoping to take a trip to the superbowl. >> some in the past have earned a spot in the pro bowl. tom brady was selected to the 11th pro bowl. and so was malcom butler and they've followed up with a tell a performance, and gronk and chandler jones this will be his first pro bowl and matthew slater, a five time selection,
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before the superbowl. how many times can i say bowl? bowl bowl bowl, gronkowski and now i've got it. the patriots try to have fun with coach bill belichick. >> with christmas two days ago. he was asked, the coach if he is a candy cane guy? >> i'm in the a hard candy guy, no. why was that going to be a gift? you can hang on to it, that's it? okay happy holidays, thank you. >> we'll start getting ready for the pats game with patriots all acsection friday night at 7:00 right here on wbz. sunday morning the action starts with patriots game day at 11:30, pats and jets kick off on wbz at 1:00, and stick around for the fifth quarter all right here on wbz.
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>> not a hard candy guy. >> i guess so. we're going to go there. >> i know. we talked 50s and 60s, we're going -- i heard a lot of 70 questions, can we do it in the month of december. we can and we've done it before. we'll do it in some spots as we head into christmas eve tomorrow. look at this, we hit 76 degrees back on december 7, 1998. some of these top 70-degree readings happened in years of strong el ninos. 73 degrees back in 1984. on december 29th. we had a number of 70-degree reelings back in 2001 and 1982 as well. we'll talk about those temperatures during the day coming up. it's a well above average day near 60 in taunton, a lot of clouds around as well. the fog and the dense areas of widespread thick fog has listed in most communities, we're
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right now. you got areas of rain and they extend all the way back down to the gulf coast states and there's severe weather ongoing, right now parts of missouri, and stretching out to arkansas as well, the big upper level low, it's going to slide east, kentucky, tennessee, back to northern mississippi over the next several hours, risk for tornadoes, and no severe weather here at home. we do get into some of the light shower activity by late afternoon and evening, it starts to move in. i think a lot of the evening rush hour will be okay. maybe pockets of light rain here and there. after 10pm, that's when the steddying rain moves in. there may and rumble of thunder, you can't rule that out, heavy rain pushing through, particularly north and west of boston. it will be a damp start to the day, but a warm start. 7:00 a.m., just a couple of
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breaks of sunshine will gradually emerge. that will be the key tomorrow, how quickly can we get the sunshine out and break up the clouds, we can do it and we'll crush records along the eastern seaboard. 60s degrees in boston, 71 a forecast high in norwood, 70 in cape and islands. christmas day itself is going to be relatively warm, 60 degrees in boston. that's low risk we could come into the mid-60s in spots with the front stalling all over us. what about the weekend? high pressure in control but that front may lift northward on sunday. that's the day, if we can do that, areas of rain lift north and we punch into the warm air again on sunday, so could we hit records? it is not out of the question on sunday. the record in worcester is 58 degrees, we could hit a high of
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we can get the warm air to surge in. we'll keep it in the 50s for now, there may be a couple of showers around this weekend. we do turn colder heading into the start of next week and there are signs we may get a little burst of wintry mix heading into monday night and early on tuesday if everything can come together just right. that's one to watch as we head into the start of next week. katherine. >> thank you very much danielle. >> we want to bring you up to speed on breaking news. in cleveland circle that's where inspection services have clean. it was shut down earlier this month after 140 people became sick from norovirus. for the norovirus. the restaurant could reopen by the end of the week. but, again opening today. a mysterious fire ball streaking across the sky.
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>> we have the answer coming up next.
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. i'm here with dr. joyce johnson with how to cope and season. >> what you want to do in the holiday season, eat regularly, possible. if you're out shopping, eat every two or three hours. eat fiber, it helps you keep you full for longer, make sure you're drinking loves of water. sometimes we think we're hunger, and we need to drink. if you way 150 pounds, you need water. boost your immune system with vitamin c and vitamin c rich
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fight off colds and flus. oregono oil is a great way to fight colds and thrust. to help you fall asleep -- influences. to help you fall asleep quicker, you can feel refreshed. >> we'll see you next time. for more information about maintaining your healthy
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a strange sight in the sky, people across at least three states saw this fire ball and, of course, wondered, what is it? l.a., loss vague as arizona, what is it? people saw that strange sight. >> what is that? >> what is it? >> it was the midnight mystery keeping people awake in parts of california, arizona and nevada last night, a blazing bright light streaking across the sky. >> oh, yeah, it's just all over facebook, i really wonder what >> local news stations were baffled. >> we're hearing reports of a bright fire ball. we still don't know. of theories. >> is that a really long shooting star. >> it might be a meteor.
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according to the command, the object was a remnant of a used russian rocket one that may have launched a supply vehicle to be the international space station on monday scheduled to dock this morning. >> every day, hundreds and hundreds of tons of materials go into the earth's atmosphere, we're quite fortunate most of the objects produced on earth are tracked and we could control to some extent what their characteristics are going to be when they come back to earth. >> it's coming apart right now. >> the russian rocket is one of 16,000 space objects tracked by the joint space operation center which had protected that arizona on tuesday evening. straight ahead, rudolph might want to watch out for these guys. >> the boston company showing the battlefield. checking in with the
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of us. frank is checking in from marshfield with temperatures running at 56 degrees, he's working in a t-shirt out doors on december 23rd. if you like the colder air we weather. we'll look at the seven-day
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. coming up at 5:00, using technology to save lives. they're use being models like this one to treat heart disease for children. some may think this is creepy. >> boston dynamics, the local robot maker turned its row bow dog into a reindeer. terrain. you can see it here. it's a little creepy. it is kind of creepy. >> i think from a distance. everybody is like, wow that's >> it's definitely impressive. it's about the warmth the next few days. >> you know the shorts, the flip flops, the t shirts. >> get out of here. >> near 70 tomorrow, friday for christmas day, we'll in the 60s for some spots. >> monday night and tuesday we
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>> a lot on the weather menu. >> that will do it for us at noon. we'll see you at 5:00 and tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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